Mobile 09371615705
Office 07104 306192
DR. Kajal Mitra
  1. Stood seventh in order of merit in undivided Nagpur Division (entire Vidarbha) in SSC in 1977.
  2. Topped in the entire BOARD in English (with record marks 99/100) and Hindi.
  3. Won the Board awards for them.
  4. Was awarded Manoharbhai Patel gold medal at his own hands (father of Mr. Praful Patel).
  5. Was feted by Urdu Society of Nagpur for topping in languages.
  6. Stood seventeenth in order of merit in the Board in HSSC. Was awarded merit scholarship for higher studies by Govt. of India.


M.B.B.S. Govt.Medical College,Nagpur 1984          I  One
M.D.(Radiodiagnosis)  Govt.Medical College,Nagpur 1988        –  One


    1. House job and registrar ship in Radiology in Govt. Medical College, Nagpur,

from January 1986 To October 1988.

      1. Senior resident in Nizam’s Institute , Hyderabad, Oct-Dec,1988.
      2. Asst. Professor in Radiology , GMC, Nagpur, from 13 Dec 1988 to 14 Nov 1995.
      3. Associate Professor in Radiology, GMC, Nagpur, from 14 Nov 1995 to 3 Jul 2002.
      4. Professor  & HOD of Radiology, N.K.P. SALVE Institute Of Medical Sciences & Lata Mangeshkar Hospital, Nagpur from 3rd January, 2003  till date.

Total experience in Radiology –  29  years.
Total postgraduate teaching experience in Radiology – 26  years.

      1. Was awarded research studentship of INDIAN COUNCIL OF MEDICAL RESEARCH for a work on ,” A prospective study of sickle cell crisis,” in 1983.
      2. Recognized guide for M.D. & D.M.R.D. BY Nagpur University since 1995. Many students have done post graduation under my guidance.
      3.  Post graduate examiner for M.D. & D.M.R.D. of Nagpur University since 1996.
      4. Post graduate examiner for M.D. & D.M.R.D. of Maharashtra University of Health Sciences since 2006.
      5. Post graduate external examiner of many other universities in Gujarat, Punjab, Chhatisgarh,etc.
      6. Many publications in national & international journals. (List attached)
      7. Has delivered faculty lectures in more than 100 conferences, CMEs & conducted many workshops, Has conducted more than 10 workshops and sensitization programmes  on gender discrimination, foeticide, reducing female ratio &  PC- PNDT ACT in last 3 years.
      8. Has organized as a part of team many conferences, CMEs & workshops,
      9. Founder editor of ROENTGEN PLUS a quarterly tabloid of Vidarbha branch of MSRIA.
      10.   Was Associate editor for CT scan of IJRI.
      11. Was Reviewer of Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging.
      12. Convener of Resident Education Courses in Radiology. Which is a quarterly feature attended by radiology residents from central India (including MP & Chhattisgarh)
      13. Was secretary of VBMSRIA from 1990 to 1993.
      14. Was President of Vidarbha Branch of Indian Radiology & Imaging Association in the last body.
      15. At present holding the post of President of Vidarbha Branch of Indian Radiology & Imaging Association.
      16.   I have been instrumental in setting up the department and getting it recognized by MCI for 5 postgraduate seats. Now  MUHS  has kindly given consent of affiliation for 3 additional MD seats.


  1. “Relief from high court against restriction imposed by appropriate authority under PC-PNDT act on number of Ultrasound centers visited by a Sonologist.” Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging 2012; 22:141-3. DOI: 10.4103/0971- 3026.101117Onkar P, Mitra K
  2. “IMPORTANT POINTS IN THE PC-PNDT ACT” Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging 2012; 22:148. DOI: 10.4103/0971-3026.101120 Onkar P, Mitra K
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  4. ‘Study of undescended testes by high frequency ultrasound’ International journal of morphology’ Int. J. Morphol., 30(3):1085-1089, 2012.. Dr.D.Onkar, Dr.P.Onkar,Dr.K.Mitra.
  5. Unilateral twin ectopic pregnancy (diamniotic-dichorionic) : A rare case-  published   in Journal of South Asian Federation of Obstetrics & Gynaecology,       May-August’2011; 3(2):103-105,  Dr.Kajal Mitra,Dr.Neeraj Baisakhiya, Dr.Glossy Sabharwal.
  6. A paper on, “ Pyloric wall thickening in carcinoma stomach : a pseudokidney sign  on computed      tomography, “ Published in  JOURNAL  OF  INDIAN MEDICAL   ASSOCIATION Feb 2007.  Dr K Mitra, Dr S Kimmatkar, Dr K Taori.
  7. A paper on, “ Rhombencephalosynapsis : a rare diagnosis on computed tomography”   Published in THE INDIAN JOURNAL OF RADIOLOGY AND IMAGING, 2003, vol   13, Issue 1
  8. ‘ A case report and review of literature : Posterrior mediastinal hemangioma.’ IJRI, Year 2002, Vol 12, Issue 1.
  9. A paper on, “ Puffed check CT technique as an imaging protocol for the evaluation     of  oral vestibule,”published in  THE INDIAN  JOURNAL  OF RADIOLOGY  AND IMAGING, year 2002, Vol 12, Issue 3.
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  13. A paper on, “ Degenerative disease of the thoracic spine in central India,” Published in Spinal Cord in 1996.June, 34(6):333-7
  14. A paper on, “ Choroid Plexus carcinoma – a case report,” Published in Newsletter  of MSRIA  in 1992.
  15. A paper on, “ Cerebral Hydatid disease  – report of two cases” published in Australasian Journal of Radiology. In  1992.
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  21. A study of normal variants on CT and MR imaging Central Nervous System. PANACEA Journal of Medical Science 2011, 1; : 27-3. K Mitra C Ratnaparkhi G Sabharwal
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  37. Role of MDCT in Radiological evaluationof Renal Masses & its beneficial effects on patient management. International journal of advances in health sciences Vol.2, Issue 1, 2015. Dr.Avinash Dhok, Dr.Akshay Kapila, Dr.Kajal Mitra


1) A Rare cause of Epistaxis- Multiple Extramedullary Plasmacytoma
Journal Name :- Ear, Nose and throat Journal (Indexed by Index medicus)
2) Multiple primary extramedullary Plasmacytomas involving thyroid gland, a rare entity- Case report and review of Literature.
3) Journal Name – Indian Journal of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery.(Indexed in inmed and pubmed)
4) An unusual case of retained  intraabdominal pregnancy for 36 years in a post menopausal women. International Journal of applied and basic medical research Dr. K. Mitra, Dr. C. Ratnaparki, Dr, B.S. Gedam, Dr. K. Tayade
5) Dyke Davidoff Masson syndrome, rare entity, a     series of five pediatric patients with review of literature. The south east Asian journal of case reports and review. Dr. C. Ratnaparkhi, Dr. K. Mitra, Dr. P. Onkar
6) Correlation between fetal renal volume and fetal renal  artery Doppler in  normal and growth restricted fetuses- An initial experience. Journal of evolution of medical and dental sciences. Dr. C. Ratnaparkhi, Dr. Shital Kurve, Dr. K. Mitra, Dr. P. Onkar Dr. Ameya KulkarniDr. Divya Kant
  PHONE: (O) – 07104-306101

Name Dr. Vilas Thombare
Mobile 9850401857
Office 07104-306100
Dr. Vilas Thombare
Vice-Dean, LMH, DIGDOH

M.B.B.S. M.D. (Microbiology)


  • Professor and Head, Department of Microbiology, since 19 years
  • Teaching experience of 31 years
  • Vice president, Vidarbha Association of Medical Microbiologists


• N. V. Nagdeo, Y.S.Thakar, V.R.Thombare. Awareness And Beliefs of College Students In Nagpur: AIDS Factor. Journal Of Recent Advances In Applied Sciences .Vol:25,45- 47, 2010.

• Ak Mane, N V Nagdeo , V R Thombare. Study Of Neonatal Septicemia In A Tertiary Care Hospital In Rural Nagpur. Journal Of Recent Advances In Applied Sciences. 2010 Vol:25,19-24.

• Kalpana Date, Thombare V.R. Aerobic microbial profile of chronic suppurative otitis media. The Indian Practitioner 2011. Vol 64 No.7.

• N.M. Kaore , N.V.Nagdeo V.R.Thombare. Comparative Evaluation of the diagnostic test for Helicobacter pylori and Dietary influence for its acquisition in duspeptic patients. A rural Hospital Based Study in Central India. Journal of clinical and Diagnostic research 2012. Vol 6 , Issue 4.

• Kalpana Date, V.R.Thombare, Mamta Choudhary. Inducible clindamycin resistance in clinical isolates of staphylococci in Rural hospital. Int J Biol Med Res. 2012 www.biomedscidirect.comVol 3 , Issue 1.

• Avinash Laghawe, N.K.Jaitly. V.R.Thombare. The Simultaneous detection of the ESBL and AmpC b-Lactamases in Gram Negative Bacilli. 2012.

• Ujjwala Bhakare, V.R.Thombare. Study of Asymptomatic bacteriurea in antenatal women and comparative evaluation of screening tests for significant bacteriurea. DMDIU Journal 2012

• N.V. Nagdeo, N.M. Kaore, V.R.Thombare. Phenotypic methods for detection of various lactamases in gram negative isolates. Chron Young Sci.2012.

• Avinash Laghawe, N.K.Jaitly, V.R.Thombare. Prevalence of AMPC Beta-lactamase in Gram-negative bacilli. J. of pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences,, 2012. 20.

Name Dr. Umakant J. Anekar
Address Plot no. 1,Vasant Appt,Vyanktesh Nagar Khamla
City Nagpur 440025.
State Maharashtra
Mobile 9422828702
DOB 8th January 1952
M.B.B.S. Government Medical College, Nagpur, Nov. 1973
M.D. Government Medical College, Nagpur (Paediatrics) , Nov. 1980
DR. U.J.Anekar
  1. Joined as Medical Officer Class II in state Government Service on 7th September 1979
  2. Promoted as Medical Superintendent  Class I at Rural Hospital Lakhanwada on 15th July 1988 to 15th August 1989.
    (Administrative Post )
  3. Resident Medical Officer Class I at General Hospital Buldana & Paediatrician Class I at Cottage Hospital Malkapur from 16th August 1989 to 10thSeptember 1991. (Administrative Post )
  4. Paediatrician General Hospital Kamgaon from 10th September 1991  to 8th August 1994
  5. Paediatrician Class I General Hospital Shegaon from 14th August 1994 to 30th May 1997
  6. Medical Superintendent General Hospital Kamgaon from 31st May 1997 to 13th July 2002. (Administrative Post )
  7. Civil Surgeon General Hospital Chandrapur from 16th July 2002 to 16th January 2004 (Administrative Post ).
  8. Assistant Professor in Paediatrics from 23rd December 2009 to 31st of May 2015at NKP Salve Institute of Medical College &LMH Nagpur.
  9. Deputy Medical Superintendent Lata Mangeshkar Hospital, Digdoh Hills from 1st June 2015 to 31st of August 2015. (Administrative Post )
  10. Medical Superintendent  at Lata Mangeshkar Hospital,Digdoh Hills from1st September 2015 till date. (Administrative Post )