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Shri Ranjeet Deshmukh

“We do not create Professionals we Nurture future”

Message from Desk of Chairman.

My best wishes to all the students who have chosen this institute to pursue their vocation in the field of Medicine. This institute provides you the right mix of highest standards of Medical Education & training to enable you all achieve not only the goals you aspire for but also to be able citizens of the country.

I am sure with the state-of-art facilities, dedicated team of talented teachers,a large pool of patients, you shall have ample opportunity to prove yourselves.

My blessings and best wishes to you all.

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  • MD. Anatomy
  • M.D. Microbiology
  • M.S. Surgery
  • M.D.+DCH Paediatrics
  • M.D.+D.A. Anaesthesialogy
  • Psychiatry
  • TB & Chest
  • D. Physiology
  • M.D. Pharmacology
  • M.S. ENT
  • M.S.+D.O.Ophthalmology
  • M.D. + DVD Skin & V.D.
  • Orthopaedics
  • M.D. PSM
  • M.D. Medicine
  • M.D. Pathology
  • M.S.+D.G.O.Obst.Gynae
  • M.D., D.M.R.D.Radiodiagnosis
  • Biochemistry

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